Donut Day #1

Today, I went on an adventure all over town, with my boss, delivering Dunkin Donuts to ALL the local elementary schools. We are an academic enrichment center, so this is a way that we kind of market and advertise. We did this a few years back, in August. We delivered boxes of candy that I... Continue Reading →

Simple Reminder

Thursday Thoughts... Hello my friends! With the week coming to an end, and all the craziness happening around us, I wanted to send some happy thoughts out into our community, here. It's the little things in life that truly make life worth living. A variety of things are running through my head, as I type... Continue Reading →

Mystic Human

Divine Soul, Human Body. Something that I have been guided to talk about this summer, is our humanity. I have been seeing a number of people post about their distaste with spiritual people, or people who say they want to spread love, not hate. I'm not here to devalue anyone's experiences, or beliefs. What I want to do,... Continue Reading →

Everyone is a Teacher

Personal Reflection. A few weeks ago, I posted about how we can project ourselves onto others...meaning that we have the tendency to judge others based on our own insecurities. Read: Do YOU project YOU onto others? But over the past week, I have really taken notice of how people in our lives are here to... Continue Reading →

The Key to Being Open to Receiving is…

What is 'being open to receiving?' This month, we have been focusing on manifestation, and how to see the fruits of our labor. Sometimes, it is easy to feel like we are not "good" at manifesting. Manifestation is something that comes from within. It is constructed of both our will to have what we desire, and... Continue Reading →

Monday Mantra: 7/3/2017

Monday, Monday, so good to me... Hello all! It is July 3, 2017. This date is very significant to me. It is the day Jim Morrison left this world, 46 years ago. If you have not already, please take a look at the tribute post I wrote to Jim. His life and words have shaped... Continue Reading →

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