How to Recognize Your Self-Worth

  The person within. We are all unique. We are all Divine Sparks of Light, with our own stories to write, memories to make, and destinies to fulfill. Even though we have such amazing qualities as humans, sometimes we fail to recognize how wonderful we truly are. Think about yourself. Do you feel stagnant? Do... Continue Reading →

Do YOU project YOU onto others?

Have you ever been around a person who annoys you or upsets you in some way? Have you ever been around someone you care deeply about, but feel like they don't care as much about you? Well, we know as humans that it is kind of impossible to like everyone that we meet. We also know that... Continue Reading →

10 Ways to Love Yourself More

The Importance of Self-Love. One of the most powerful messages I ever received was when a friend's mom, and Reiki Master, told me that I must love myself, before I could love others. I was only fifteen when she laid these words of wisdom on me, and I can still see her brilliant blue eyes... Continue Reading →

Know When to Rest

A message on self-love. This week, I suffered from the most awful migraine I have ever had. I was in so much pain, I just felt like crying. I was nauseous and very clouded. I was trying to work through all of this, and was forgetting things at work. I have posted before about how... Continue Reading →

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