Spirituality, in my eyes.

What I deem spiritual. A common thing among many Americans today, is to state, “I am spiritual, but not religious.” This is something that I feel very strongly. Organized religion is not for me, although there are different concepts within the differing religions that I do agree with. However, this does not mean that I associate […]

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4 Taoist Beliefs for Daily Life

Recently, I began to dig deeper into religions, and how other people connect with The All, or Spirit. The first bit of an “a-ha!” moment that I had was when researching Taoism. I am not one for organized religion, but I am (obviously) incredibly spiritual. Taoism is not really a religion at all, but more of […]

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6 Benefits of Tarot

  When you look up the meaning of Tarot on Google, this is what comes up: ta-rot: playing cards, traditionally a pack of 78 with five suits, used for fortune-telling and (especially in Europe) in certain games. The suits are typically swords, cups, coins (or pentacles), batons (or wands), and a permanent suit of trump. […]

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11 Affirmations to Live By

What are Affirmations? Affirmations are very powerful tools that you can use to empower yourself, heal your body, and change your life. The first person to ever teach me about affirmations was Louise Hay. I have never met her, but she has hugely impacted my life, and shown me the power the mind has. As […]

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Earth Day Prayer

  As Earth Day 2017 comes to an end, let us each take a moment to send Mother Earth some good energy. Today was a beautiful day. I hope that you all got to spend a little time in nature. I went for a short walk this morning, and spent the afternoon observing the beautiful […]

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Four Paths of Yoga

Like many, many, people today, rising up with this New Age, I don’t consider myself religious, but rather spiritual. Yes, many people say that. Yes, it’s a bit cliche. But nevertheless, it is true. Organized religion does not work for me. I don’t like feeling like my life must follow certain rules to be acceptable. I […]

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