Lead a life of love & light.

Dear one,

You have been guided to me at the perfect moment and in true Divine Timing. You may or may not be aware that Mother Earth is going through a transitional period – and as an affect, so are we, her children.

We are at the dawning of a new day.

Soon, we will see lots of love, compassion, and understanding being shared among every living being that inhabits this Earth. We are in the process of building a New Earth, or Nova Gaia, as some call it. At this time, many individuals are going through a cleansing process and are waking up. This means that you may be experiencing physical sensations and changes in your body, you may be learning about intuitive gifts you hold, or you may be ready to fulfill your life’s purpose.

My role in this life, as it has been for many prior, is to act as a healer and a guide for those who are taking on this wild journey. This is the journey of the healing and evolving of the soul. This is the journey of understanding one’s own power, learning to love oneself, and applying one’s unique gifts by helping to educate those who are not awake yet, and raise the vibration of humanity.

I am a certified Healing Arts Practitioner, Soul Coach, Earth Angel Realms Reader, and Intuitive Guide. I am honored to be on Earth at this time, helping to guide those who cross my path and direct them where they need to go. I am extremely excited to witness the incredible renaissance of this Earth and all of her people. I thank you for being a part of my journey, and allowing me to be a part of yours.



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