Karma Cards Reading


Gain insight into the path you should take or the outcome of a situation with the Karma Cards (by Monte Farber)! For this spread, I will pull one card from each of the decks included. There are three different decks: planets, signs, and houses. These cards all contain different messages of just a few words. Once all cards have been pulled a sentence in formed using the simple messages to create a cohesive statement which holds the answers to your inquiry. This reading will truly reveal what the Universe has in mind for you!

I love this deck very much. Every reading I have done with it is scary accurate! It is a lot of fun to see how the sentences are formed, and how the different planets, signs, and houses, form together to reveal divine messages. There is also a secret to this deck: the planet cards can double as yes or no answers. So if you need a direct yes or no answer along with your reading, please let me know!


This reading can be done through email or over the phone. If you choose email, I will have your reading to you within a few hours! If you choose phone, I will contact you to schedule an appointment for us to chat. With both options, I will send you an image of your reading once all cards have been pulled.


To begin, you may simply purchase the reading. Once your purchase is complete, you will receive my Card Reading Intake Form. Fill it out and send it back to me at mo.modernmysticmusings@gmail.com. I cannot pull your cards until I have received the intake form. Also, feel free to contact me with any questions before purchasing!


Are you ready to learn what the stars have to reveal?


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