Past Life Reading


Do you feel like this is not your first time on Earth? Have you had dreams or seen visions of yourself in a past life? Are there any underlying issues you can’t seem to heal or rid yourself of? Our previous lives have a huge impact on our current lives. It is up to us to heal past karma so that we may live our best life, NOW! In this reading, I will invoke your Higher Self and spirit guides in order to provide you with the insights from past lives that are affecting your life now.

This is a three-card reading. Once your purchase is made, you will be able to download my card reading intake form. Simply fill it out and email it back to me! If you want your reading to be done through email, I will have it to you within 24 hours of receiving your intake form. If you prefer to do this reading over the phone, I will reach out to you to schedule a time that works best for both of us, upon receiving your intake form.

With either option you choose (email or phone) I will send you an email containing pictures of your cards. If you choose email, I will send you a detailed reading. If you choose phone, I will write out key points from your reading that we discussed, together for your future reference.

*When filling out your intake form, please feel free to provide me with any inklings you have that may connect with your past lives.


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