Oracle/Tarot Card Readings

$25 – in person, or remote

Tarot and Oracle Card readings are incredibly beneficial guidance tools. I am able to connect with angels, fairies, and spirit guides, to perform accurate readings for my clients. Cards are amazing, because they tell you like it is. I have never seen a reading that was inaccurate for myself or for others. They hit right on the nose, and help you to better understand situations in your life, and they help you to decide which direction to take next.

If interested, please contact me so we can go over the next steps. I absolutely love giving readings! There is no better feeling than knowing my client has been helped and is satisfied with their results.

Realm Readings

$20 – in person, or remote

I am offering Earth Angel Realm Readings, based on Doreen Virtue’s book and course, Earth Angel Realms. 


I received certification from her to teach about/give readings, based on her concept. For more information on the realms, check out my Earth Angel Series.

Realm Readings are for people who feel like they come from a realm, or if you know you are a lightworker, but are not sure where you fit in. Receiving a Realm Reading can help guide you to your place in life, build better relationships, and to understand yourself more.

Combined Reading & Life Coaching Session

$35/hr – in person or remote

Through meeting with clients, I have found that combining a life coaching session with a reading tends to be most beneficial. This ensures that we are getting to the root of the situations that my clients come to me with. By receiving either of the readings mentioned above, with a coaching session, you and I will be able to work together, connect with your spirit, and find the right path for you.

Payments for remote Services will be submitted through PayPal.