Intuitive Guide & Spiritual Coaching.

As you may know, I am currently enrolled at SWIHA, in Tempe, Arizona. I have completed my life coaching courses, and am finishing up the rest of my certificate in integrative healing arts. Schedule a card reading or session with me to learn more about yourself, and connect with your spirit. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey. ♥

Dream Interpretation

Angels and Spirit Guides can communicate with us through our dreams. The study of dream interpretation has been an interest for human beings for many, many years. I have been studying dream interpretation for the past decade. My dreams have led me to discovering information about my past lives, uncovering fears and fantasies, and I have even experienced prophetic dreams. It has become a passion of mine to help others learn about the messages they receive from Spirit and their Higher Selves while in the REM state. If you have had a dream that you can’t stop thinking about, that shocked or frightened you, or that you feel has deeper meaning, dream interpretation may be the answer you are searching for. All dream interpretations will be done through email. If you choose to schedule one, I will reach out to you once I have been notified, and we will go from there.



Card Readings

If you have spent a lot of time on my blog or my social media pages, you will know that I love doing card readings! Tarot and Oracle Cards help us to find the answers we seek, while asking us to go within. In other words, we have all the answers inside of us, but cards help to draw those out. They can also serve as tools of communication from Spirit Guides, Angels, and loved ones who have transitioned. If you are stuck at a crossroads, and are in need of some guidance, cards are your answer. Each reading will be a half hour long, at the price below. After you order your card reading, I will send you an Intake Form, for you to fill out and send back to me. We will then schedule our session. Card readings can be done over the phone, through Google Hangouts, or even through email. No matter which reading you choose, I will email you pictures of the cards in your spread!



Don’t want to wait? Download your Card Reading Intake Form now, to get a head-start with the scheduling process.


Earth Angel Realms Reading

Based on Doreen Virtue's book, Earth Angel Realms, come my Earth Angel Realms Readings. I was certified through Doreen Virtue in the spring of this year. With each reading I have provided since then, I can say that I love my clients' faces when we discuss their realm. A lot of my clients say, "This makes so much sense, I feel better now!" And that is exactly how I felt when I discovered my realm a few years ago. For each Earth Angel Realms Reading, I will provide you with a questionnaire to fill out before our session. I will also request that you send me a picture where I can clearly see your eyes, as eyes are very important in deciphering your realm. In session we will discuss your realm, and how being from that realm affects different areas of your life such as relationships, health, career, etc. These readings can be done through email, over the phone, or with Google Hangouts. At the end of the reading, I will email you some key points to remember about your realm, for you to keep.



Forgive in Under 20 Minutes!

If you feel that you or another has done something wrong, and you are ready to release the emotions tied to this situation, this exercise is the one for you. In under twenty minutes, with a few simple steps, I can help you acknowledge the emotions you have held onto from this event, AND help you to release them. If you are truly ready to forgive, and want to free yourself me and the Spirit World are waiting to assist you. This is a simple exercise, that I have seen being used, went through myself, and have used with a friend. It is very effective, and yes, the healing can happen in 20 minutes or less! Don't be afraid to stand in your power and set yourself free!



Wheel of Balance Life Coaching Session

Either online or over the phone, we can fill out the Wheel of Balance together. If you feel you need help getting started, or want some extra guidance and support while experiencing the Wheel of Balance, well – that’s what I’m here for! The Wheel of Balance helps you to define where you are feeling unbalanced in certain areas of your life, including health, spirituality, career, and relationships. I will ask you to rate these areas in your life, using the chart I created. We will then discuss how you feel about your ratings, and what you can do to get where you want to go. By asking powerful questions and requests of you, we can kick-start the manifestation of the life you want to live, and get you feeling like the best version of yourself possible. Sessions will be 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how in depth we go.


Payments are due prior to any reading or session. If you have any questions, please contact me here. After I receive payment, I will reach out to you ASAP so we can schedule your session. 🙂