The Realm of Merpeople

The next realm from Doreen Virtue's, Earth Angel Realms book that I will be discussing is called: Merpeople. Can you guess what they're all about? Who are Merpeople? Merpeople are a blend from the Elemental Realm. They are incarnated mermaids, who have come to Earth to help protect the ocean, her inhabitants, and the world's... Continue Reading →

Realm of Atlanteans

The next blended realm from Doreen Virtue's Earth Angel Realms, is the realm of Atlanteans. Who Are Atlanteans? Atlanteans literally are those who lived in Atlantis, a long long time ago. They are a blend of Wise One, Incarnated Angel, and Starperson. The Atlanteans have chosen to incarnate on Earth once more to help prevent an... Continue Reading →

The Realm of Starpeople

The next realm from Doreen Virtue's Earth Angel Realms book that we will be discussing is the Realm of Starpeople. Who Are Starpeople? Starpeople are exactly what you think: incarnated extra terrestrials. Some of them had physical bodies in their previous lives, and some of them did not. Just because a planet does not appear to... Continue Reading →

Elemental Realm

The second realm in Doreen Virtue's book, Earth Angel Realms, is called Incarnated Elementals. As you may have guessed, the elemental realm is full of incarnated fairies, elves, pixies, gnomes, incarnated animals, and even unicorns! Appearance of Elementals You will find as we continue through the teaching of this concept, that most every realm literally does look like... Continue Reading →

Earth Angel Realms: An Introduction

In February of this year, I took a course with Doreen Virtue, based on her book, Earth Angel Realms.  I first read the book last year, and instantly fell in love with it. For many years, I have known that I am a lightworker, with a special mission to accomplish. But it wasn't until I read... Continue Reading →

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