10 Things Your Guardian Angel Can Help You With

Calling on angels…

Each of us has a guardian angel, who was assigned to us at birth, and spends our entire lifetimes with us. Their job is to protect us, guide us, and support us, as we journey through life.

Angels are truly angels. What I mean is, they love us unconditionally, and want to help us in any way that they can. I have recently learned the name of my guardian angel, and I am loving developing my relationship with him. In fact, with his guidance, I have decided to write this post.

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So, I have an angel . . . what next?

Developing your relationship with your guardian angel is an amazing experience that will affect your life in many positive ways. Not only can you take comfort in knowing that your angel will always be there for you, even when no one else seems to be, but you can also call on them for their assistance in a variety of areas of your life. Here is a list of things you can ask your angels to help you with:

1. Acquiring financial abundance.

You can ask your angels to help you bring in extra money pretty much any time you feel you need it. They will help to make sure that you are always supported when it comes to material needs.

2. Eating a healthier diet.

If you need or want to change your diet, you can ask your angels to help you find the right foods for you. Next time you are in the grocery store, ask your guardian angel to show you the foods your body needs, and be sure to listen to the guidance that comes through.

3. Choosing your next book, movie, or TV show.

Just this weekend, I was in my favorite local used bookstore, and I was wandering around, looking for a new book to read. I had picked up a few, but nothing really caught my interest. Just as I was heading to the checkout counter, I glanced at a shelf, and a title stood out to me, so much so that the books around it were blurry. I grabbed the book, and quickly decided to purchase it. Once I got home, I started to read it and knew why my angel had shown it to me. Then I looked up the author because I was unfamiliar with her. Reading her website, I knew she was going to be a new favorite of mine. I’m excited to see what message is in the book, that my angel wants me to see. Next time you are looking for something new to get into, ask your guardian angel to show you what you need.

4. Keeping your pets safe and healthy.

I pray to my guardian angel every day to keep my pets safe and healthy. I am afraid that one of my elderly cats might be sick, and knowing that my angel is keeping them all safe is such a comfort to me. You can also call on them if your pet needs healing, or if your pet is lost, and they will help bring them home.

5. Finding the perfect gift for someone.’Last year, I went to my friend’s son’s first birthday party. I hadn’t seen my friend in a few years, didn’t keep in good contact with her, and had never even met her son. I went to the store to get him a present and was guided to get him a blue elephant. When my friend helped her son open my gift, she was so shocked that I bought him an elephant, because, “Elephants are his favorite!” She kept going on and on about how crazy it was that I knew that. I just smiled, and silently thanked my angels.

6. Healing.

Literally all kinds of healing. You can ask your guardian angel to help you heal yourself physically, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually. Ask the angels for quick recovery from a cold, to help you get rid of an addiction, or to protect you before undergoing a medical procedure. You can even ask the guardian angels of your loved ones to help them heal, and they will do their best! Pretty cool, huh?

7. Strengthening your relationships.

When you feel disconnected from a romantic partner, friend, coworker, or family member, call on your angel. They will help you to find the best ways to communicate with others so that you are speaking your truth, and still being respectful.

8. Attracting a soulmate.

If you are looking for that special someone, the angels will gladly help you in that area as well. If you ask your guardian angel to help you attract a soulmate, listen to any guidance they give you. If you are guided to go somewhere or try something new, definitely go for it. You never know where or when that someone will appear for you.

9. Learning to love yourself.

Your guardian angel loves you unconditionally, and they want nothing more than for you to feel the same way about yourself. Ask your angels to help you show yourself the same love and respect you show to others. They will help you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and they will show you how truly loveable you are.

10. Finding your life’s purpose.

If you ever feel stuck, and unsure of what direction to take next, call on your guardian angel. They will guide you to places, and opportunities that will serve your highest good, and they will make sure you are fully supported as you start to follow your dreams. Never lose faith as you start to change your life for the better. You have a guardian angel on your side!

Sugar and spice and everything nice.

After you spend some time getting to know your guardian angel, the way they communicate with you, and the things you can accomplish together, don’t forget to thank them. Your guardian angel is always happy to help you, and will always try to help you to the best of their ability. But don’t forget to show them gratitude for all the hard work that they do. Angels’ feelings can get hurt, too! And always remember, that you have to actually ask them for their help, either silently or aloud. They are not allowed to intervene unless they are asked.

Your thoughts.

Let me know if you have had any angelic experiences and how their messages showed up for you! I love, love, love hearing angel stories.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Remember to have fun connecting with your angels!

With love and light,


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Adobe Spark (11).jpg

Monday Mantra: 9/18/17

Know your worth.

Hello and happy Monday, all! This month, we have been talking about ways to enhance and deepen our connection with our spirits, our intuition, and our spirit guides. One of the most important parts in all of these things, is having love for the self.

When we are comfortable with who we are, and love ourselves, truly, it is easy for us to connect with our souls, and know who we are on the inside. And what have we been discussing this month? The more we connect with who we are, the more we can make our spirits happy, and when our spirits are happy, it is easiest for us to create the life of our dreams.  Whew!

Today, focus on loving yourself. Compliment you. Make time for you. Pamper YOU. What’s one way you can allow yourself to have fun and unwind today? What’s something you haven’t done for yourself in a while? Do that thing, today.

Remember to thank your body for all it does for you. Remember to thank your emotions for communicating what you are feeling for you. Remember to thank yourself for being who you are, and accomplishing all that you have done.

You are unique. You are beautiful. And you are loved.

Have a fabulous Monday!


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Want to know the name of your guardian angel? Try this simple exercise.

Easy as 1, 2, 3…

I was reading a chapter from Sonia Choquette’s book, Ask Your Guides: Connecting to Your Divine Support Systemand once again came across a very simple exercise that I have heard about from various spiritual teachers, and intuitive guides before.

As humans, we are all assigned one guardian angel to guide us and support us throughout our entire lives. Other guides may come and go, but our guardian angels are with us from the time we are born, until the time we pass. And when we pass, they are said to assist us on our journey back to Source.

Lately, I have been feeling really drawn to getting to know my guardian angel better. I feel like I have spent a lot of time working with archangels, such as Archangel Michael or Archangel Raphael, and have not spent much time getting to know my guardian angel at all. I was feeling a little guilty and like I was taking my guardian for granted. So, when I came across this exercise yet again, I figured the time had come for me to reach out.

It goes a little something like this:

Adobe Spark (8)

I tried this exercise last night, and it was successful! It was almost like my angel was just WAITING for me to ask him what his name was. I did not know my angel was male before doing this exercise, although I have always a felt a male energy with me, giving me messages and guidance. I just thought it was a spirit guide, and not my guardian angel! Of course, I still could have male spirit guides, but you get the idea.

Today, I spoke to my angel using his name (I’m not going to share it just yet, because I want your mind to be clear of angel names if you try this exercise), and it felt so much better than it did before! I love being able to build this divine connection, and that is why I wanted to share this with you all.

So, if you have been wanting to build a deeper bond between yourself and your guardian angel, consider giving this exercise a go. If you decide to try it out, remember to relax, and not to force anything. This is your guardian angel, and they will be so happy to know you want to connect with them, and definitely won’t want you to feel anxious about learning their name.

Just simply lay in bed, and let go of control. Take a few deep breathes and ground yourself in your body. When you are ready, ask your guardian angel to come forth, and tell you their name. Allow their answer to come to you, in whatever way it does.

When I did it, I heard the name, and saw it written out in my mind. It may be different for you though, depending on what type of clair you have, or how your guardian angel likes to communicate with you. Also, keep in mind that your guardian angel’s name might be something very simple, like Sara or Alan. They will present names to you that you will remember, to make communication with them easier.

If you don’t get a response on the first night that you try this, don’t worry. Try again the next night, and do so until you get your answer. Remember to pay attention to signs your guardian may be giving you throughout your days, as well. If you keep hearing or seeing the same name over and over again, but not getting one at night, maybe this is your angel’s way of answering you. Remember to be open, and have fun connecting with them!

I hope you enjoy this experience! Let me know if you give it a try, or if you have any questions. 🙂


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What “Crazy E” Said…

Corned beef

The entire galaxy is spinning.


Grape juice

Headed toward black energy.


Riced potatoes

Mayans did say it.


Coffee & honey

Lunatics can feel them.


Lemon cake

They gave us our minds.


Cigarette smoke

I read they protect us.

Thursday Reminder #2

I was reading a comment from my new teacher at SWIHA last night, and it sparked some inspiration for this post.

On this lovely Thursday, I want to ask you: how often are you fully engaged in what you are doing? And, how often are you fully engaged in things you are doing for yourself?

Today, I challenge you to be fully present in each moment. Really taste your coffee, instead of downing it to move on to the next part of your day. Chew each bite of food you eat, really looking for delicious flavor. Truly allow yourself to let go and relax in a bath, letting the energy of the day go.

You may feel like you don’t have time for all this, but I guarantee that doing these things won’t throw off your whole schedule. In fact, you may find yourself feeling like you have more time in the day. This is because when you live in the moment, not worrying about anything else or putting yourself somewhere you are not, your spirit has time to unwind. And when your spirit is nourished, you will feel on top of the world.

Have a good Thursday, and please let me know the ways you were more present today and how that went for you!

With love and light,


Hay House World Psychic Summit: Author & Speaker Sonia Choquette

Have you registered for Psychic Week, yet?

Hey everyone! I wanted to share with you, this awesome 2 minute audio clip, from one of my favorite Hay House authors, Sonia Choquette. Sonia will be speaking at the Hay House World Psychic Summit, which starts in about a week.

From her book, Ask Your Guides, I have learned so much about the ways of Spirit, and how to connect with my own spirit. That is why I am SO excited to hear her speak at the Summit, later this month.

If you haven’t heard about it yet, this Summit is completely online, and will have more than 20 Hay House authors and speakers! They are all coming together to share tips and tools for developing intuition, being in the present moment, and learning how to hone your innate abilities. Oh, and this event is completely FREE. But, if you won’t be able to watch all the videos live, you can choose to own all of the videos for just $77 before the event begins, which will be a $22 savings. Which if you think about it, is a pretty good deal. Hay House has some of the most amazing spiritual teachers in the world. If this is a path you want to follow, you won’t want to miss this opportunity.

If you would like to register for the event, please copy and paste this link in your browser:

And in the meantime, take a listen to these wise words of wisdom from Sonia!

Have a blessed day!

With love and light,


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Monday Mantra: 9/11/17

Monday, Funday.

Good morning, all you beautiful people! Today’s Monday Mantra is, “It is easy for me to make time each day, to reflect, unwind, and connect with my spirit.”

As you might have read in one of my earlier posts from this month, I plan on focusing on connecting with our spirits and learning to use our intuition this month. It is important that we make time every day to connect with our spirit, by doing things that bring us joy. These things could be anything, from rest to painting, dancing, or singing. They can even be writing, spending time in nature, doing yoga, or watching a favorite movie.

What is something that you enjoy doing, and when was the last time you did something solely for the enjoyment of it?

Today, remind yourself that by affirming it is easy for you to find time to connect with your spirit, do things that bring you joy, reflect, and unwind. I know it can be difficult to get caught up in daily life, and so it feels like you don’t have time for yourself. Focus on redirecting the thought that you don’t have time, and instead affirm it is easy for you to find time for the things you love to do. This is a great way to connect with your spirit, and create spiritual fortification.

Have a blessed Monday, my friends.

With love & light,


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A Modern Human’s Discomfort

Under the milk-shine

Ancient soul brine

Murder of the daily grind

Looking at you, what do I find?


No religion in our minds

No way to pass the time

No more words to rhyme.


Stuck here I watch as you die

And cry

and sigh

When can we fly?

Why aren’t you high?


Listen to me whine


Let’s get out of this pig-sty

“Don’t hurt yourself,” I reply.

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